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FPM Admission 2019 - 2023

FPM Bulletin 2019-2023 FPM Application Form 2019-23 Admission Announcement
Revised Admission Announcement
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IIFM is a sectoral management Institute that strives to meet the changing scenario in the forestry, environment, development, management and allied sectors. It is constantly striving to update itself and accordingly respond to the needs of all concerned stakeholders. Given the emerging, and much-needed, emphasis on environmental sustainability, climate change, carbon trading, green finance, corporate social and environmental responsibility, biodiversity conservation and natural resource management, IIFM suitably modifies its focus, activity frame and course structure to successfully meet these needs. All these activities not only require man power, possessing a desired blend of skills pertaining to forestry, environment & development with management science but also need the professional assistance and guidance for capacity building, project implementation and monitoring. Therefore, IIFM through its educational, training, research and consultancy activities has planned to endeavor to meet this emerging need.

The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), approved by AICTE is meant for people who need specialized knowledge, skills, and attitudes for positions requiring conceptual and visioning skills, the Fellow Programme is an important step in that direction. It is designed to develop and equip students for career opportunity in management education and research in the following faculty areas of specialization:

  • Communication and Extension Management
  • Ecosystem and Environment Management
  • Environment and Developmental Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology and Quantitative Techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Sociology and Community Development
  • Technical Forestry
  • Strategic Management

The main objectives of the FPM are to:

  • develop researchers and scholars in the field of management.
  • facilitate the development of academic/scholarly orientation among participants.
  • create a body of knowledge in the areas of management, natural resource management, environment and development.
  • stimulate research / action research work in the area of natural resource management, environment and allied subjects.
  • help create general and specific competencies in teaching, executive education, consulting research, research review and editorship and
  • promote an inter-disciplinary orientation among all participants.